Parkview Rhine Garden Preschool and Parkview-Rhine Garden International Nursery started in 1994 and is a pre-school which is diverse and dynamic. The Rhine Garden School is comprised of two campuses, which are located on the podium of Rhine Garden, Sham Tseng, in Tower One and Tower Five respectively. In September, 2007, Parkview Rhine Garden Preschool (for 3-6 years old children) was transformed into a non-profit making school, where parents can enjoy the Pre-primary Education Voucher Scheme (PEVS) offered by EDB. At the same time Parkview-Rhine Garden International Nursery (for 2 years old children) remains in a private independent school where PEVS is not applicable.


School News
  • Extra Curricular Activities for the 2nd Term
    第二季課外興趣班(2020-2021) ~ (April 2021 - June 2021)
  • ‘2020-2021’ and ‘2021-2022’ School Year - Nursery / Kindergarten Admissions Application
    For the ‘2020-2021’and ‘2021-2022’ school year, our Pre-Nursery class (2 years old), Nursery Class (3 years old), Lower Kindergarten class(4 years old) and Upper Kindergarten class (5 years old) have a few remaining spaces. Interested parents should submit an application form to the school office in person, on-line or by post.

    ‘2020-2021’ 及 ‘2021-2022’學年 - 幼兒園 / 幼稚園入學申請

    For further information or to apply, please enquire on 2491 1082 or click here
    如需了解詳情及申請,請致電2491 1082 查詢或click 這裡
  • Newsletters (Sept - Dec)
  • 2019-2020年度小一派位結果