Admission process & criteria (School Year 2019-2020)

Admission Process收生程序

1. 07/07/2018 - 31/10/2018
-Submit the 'Application Form' with the following documents in person or by mail to the Kindergarten 親臨本幼稚園遞交或郵寄「入學申請表」及下列文件:

  1. 3 passport size photos of the applicant 3張學童証件相 (size 4cm X 5cm)
  2. Copy of birth certificate學童出世紙副本
  3. Copy of parents’ I.D. cards父母身份証副本
  4. 3 stamped addressed envelopes 3個回郵信封— with HK$4.00 stamp each and size 24cm x 11cm. 每個信封24cm x 11cm及貼上HK$4.00郵票。
  5. Enrollment fee報名費 HK$40.
    A crossed cheque made payable to ' Parkview Rhine Garden Pre-School '
    劃線支票抬頭 '栢基海韻幼稚園'

Please Note請注意 :    If your child has registered for our Pre-Nursery (PN) Class in the School Year 2018-2019, you do not need to submit the School Year 2019-2020 Application for our Kindergarten Nursery (N) Class at this stage.


2. Before 31/12/2018之前
-Results will be announced by post發信通知取錄結果

3.PN Registration Days 幼兒園統一註冊日(16/1/2019 - 19/1/2019)
-Submit the Registration Fee HK$970. (The registration fee is non-refundable for cancellation.)

4.KG Registration Days 幼稚園統一註冊日(To be announced by the Education Bureau 待教育局宣佈)
-Submit the '2019-2020 Registration Certificate' and Registration Fee HK$970. Parents need to apply for the return of the 'Registration Certificate' for cancellation and the registration fee is non-refundable.
遞交「2019-2020註冊證」及註冊費HK$970;如註冊後取消入學,家長需申請取回「註冊證」,但已交 之註冊費恕不退回。

5.Waiting List 輪候名單
For students who are unsuccessful for the admission, their names will be placed onto the 'Waiting List'. If a place does become available, parents will be notified by post one month before the admission date.

6.Admission Criteria收生準則

  • No interview is required for Pre-Nursery (PN) and Nursery(K1) students 報讀預備班及幼兒班學童不須安排面試
  • Children must meet the age requirement for that level 取錄適齡學童
  • First come first served 按報名之先後排列輪候次序
  • Siblings of our current students and graduates will be considered a priority 優先考慮就讀本園學童及畢業生之弟妹
  • Current Pre-Nursery(PN) students are given first priority for Nursery(K1)places 現讀本園預備班(PN)學童優先升讀幼兒班(K1)
Office hours for application submission 收表時間
Monday to Friday 星期一至五 08:30—12:30, 14:00—16:30
Saturday星期六 08:30—12:30

Mailing Address & Telephone No. 郵寄地址及查詢電話
Address 地址:1/F, Block One, Rhine Garden, Sham Tseng, 38 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T.

Telephone No.電話:    2491-1082, 2496-2080