School Year 2025-2026
KG & PN Admission Process and Criteria

1. Admission Process

Date of Online Enrollment Application: 2/7/2024 – 31/10/2024
Date of Submission or Postal Enrollment Application: 8/7/2024 – 31/10/2024

# Online Enrollment Application:

Submission / Postal Enrollment Application:

Parents are requested to log in to our school's website starting from 10a.m. on 2/7/2024 to submit the '2025-2026 School Year Enrollment Application Form' online. Please prepare electronic files of the documents below: Parents need to download the '2025-2026 School Year Enrollment Application Form' and submit or send to our School Office with the following documents from 8/7/2024:
a. Digital Photo of the Applicant—passport size (jpg format only) a. 3 Photos of the Applicant—passport size (size 4cm X 5cm)
b. Applicant’s Birth Certificate b. Copy of Applicant’s Birth Certificate
c. Additional Documents for Non-PR families:
Applicant’s Passport
c. Additional Documents for Non-PR families:
Copy of Applicant’s Passport
d. *Only applicable to Kindergarten applications:

*Enrollment fee (HK$40) payment slip

Parents please deposit the Enrollment fee (HK$40) into our school HSBC A/C:
Account Name:
‘Parkview Rhine Garden Pre-School’
Account Number:
d. *Only applicable to Kindergarten applications:

*Enrollment fee HK$40.

A crossed cheque made payable to 'Parkview Rhine Garden Pre-School'
Remark:# Before you begin the Online Application, please prepare soft copies of the documents above. Applicant’s passport size digital photo can only be accepted in jpg format. All other documents should be submitted in jpg / pdf format, the file size must be less than 2MB.

2. Admission Criteria
  • All students enrolled in Lower and Upper Kindergarten classes will be interviewed by members of our teaching staff. Parents will be notified of the interview arrangements by mail / phone in early November . Interviews are conducted ‘individually’ and parents may accompany their child(ren). When interviewing local children and NCS children, the school will arrange one Cantonese teacher and one English teacher to meet with them. The school also accepts parents and children to be accompanied by a relative or friend who speaks Chinese / English to assist in communication. When interviewing NCS children, interpretation and / or translation service for applicants could be arranged where necessary, or parents and children are allowed to be accompanied by a Chinese speaking relative / friend to facilitate communication. (Enquiry Tel: 2491 1082; Email:
  • No interview is required for Pre-Nursery (PN) and Nursery(K1) applicants
  • Children must meet the age requirement for the level applied for.
  • Applications are handled on a first come first served basis.
  • Siblings of our current students and graduates will be considered a priority.
  • Current Pre-Nursery(PN) students are given first priority for Nursery(K1)places.

    Please Note:
  • If your child has registered for our Pre-Nursery (PN) Class in the School Year 2024-2025, you do not need to submit the School Year 2025-2026 Application for our Kindergarten Nursery (N) Class at this stage.
3. Admission Results
Kindergarten - Results will be announced by post before mid December 2024 .
Pre-Nursery - Results will be announced by post before the end of December 2024.

4. Reservation

~For Pre-Nursery Reservation
Parents of successful applicants need to complete the reservation process at the beginning of January 2025. Payment of the Reservation Fee (HK$970) is required before admission, the fee is non-refundable for cancellation. For students who have not reached two years old by September 2025, students' names will be placed onto the ‘Waiting List’.

~For Kindergarten Registration Days (To be announced by the Education Bureau)
Parents of successful applicants need to complete the registration process and submit the ''Registration Certificate for KG Admission' and Registration Fee HK$970 in Jan 2025 on the Registration Days. Parents need to apply for the return of the 'Registration Certificate' if they wish to cancel after registration, however, the registration fee is non-refundable.

5. Waiting List
For students who are unsuccessful for admission, their names will be placed onto the 'Waiting List'. If a place does become available, parents will be notified by post not later than one month before the proposed admission date.

6. Withdrawal
For student withdrawal after reservation / admission, please note that one full month’s notice in written format is required or a payment of one full month’s tuition in lieu will be charged in the case of notification being received with less than one month’s notice. The school place will then be offered to other candidates.

7. Telephone Number for enquiries
Telephone No.: 2491 1082 / 2496 2080