Principal’s Message

I am honoured to have been appointed as the Principal of PIPS-RG(PN & KG). I hold a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education and the Certification Course for Kindergarten Principals. I have worked in PIPS-RG for nearly 20 years and have extensive work experience of teaching and in administrative and leadership positions at PIPS-RG.
我感到很榮幸能成為栢基海韻幼稚園及栢基海韻國際幼兒園的校長,我在栢基已有接近二十年的教學及行政的經驗,本人已取得 幼兒教育 (榮譽)學士學位資格及 幼稚園校長課程證書。

At PIPS-RG, we are all one big happy family and our school is always full of fun and laughter. We provide an interactive, multi-sensory and nurturing environment that stimulates childrens’ all round development. Through our ‘learn through play’ approach my team is able to provide the scope for children to explore new opportunities extend their learning and reach their full potential. We sincerely hope that our children have an enriching and memorable pre-school life and cultivate a positive learning attitude for their future academic endeavours.
在栢基海韻幼稚園及栢基海韻國際幼兒園的大家庭裡,我們會為幼兒提供愉快及具刺激性的學習環境,並在互動的學習氣氛下,鼓勵他們從遊戲中的學習,探索更多的新事物和認識更多的知識,從而擴大他們的學習範圍並發揮幼兒們的潛能。使他們能得到全人發展。我衷心希望 每位幼兒都 擁有充實而難忘的學前校園生活,並為他們未來的學習養成積極的態度。

Ms Cherry C.Y. CHEUNG (Principal)